Hey there&  WELCOME to Watchernista 😀

The idea for this blog was based on our very own experiences. In a lecture about Media Theory we were asked to write blog posts about these theories in order to pass, and since we are both real #watchernistas (of honestly too many series), we thought why not apply write about that…

So, we wanted to create a plattform for #watchernistas to share their love and frustration for their favourite TV shows. Because … come on, we all know how it goes! We get pulled in by enciting stories and characters, played by wonderful actors. Then they lure us in until we cannot help but feel with them, laugh with them, cry with them. One moment it feels like walking on clouds, the next you feel like pulling your hair out … while trying to survive another cliff hanger!

We love it. We hate it. Sometimes we love to hate it or even hate to love it. But still, we would not have it any other way. Well, maybe sometimes, … never mind.

We will write about popular TV shows like ONCE UPON A TIME, BLINDSPOT, GAME OF THRONES, CRIMINAL MINDS, THE BLACKLIST, and whatever else happens to get us hooked.

Our blog  will not summarise each and every episode of the series, since there are already numerous great websites out there. We are planning to take a look at the series from an analytical point of view, discuss characters and antagonists as well as the storyline, discover some mistakes in the stories or filming, do recaps of our personal highlight episodes, and keep you up to date on everything that revolves theories and spoilers. But don’t worry no one will be spoilered who doesn’t want to be spoilered.

Naturally, what we write about will be based on our personal thoughts and impressions, so we don’t expect everyone to agree with them. But you are always welcome to leave your thought in the comment section!  Additionally, in the sidebar on your right, you’ll find several social media plattforms this blog is linked to. Check them out for (almost) daily updates or use them to contact us. …Maybe you have something you would like write about? Or are we missing a TV show you really think we should include?

However, for the sake of a comfortable athmosphere we ask you, to refrain from inappropriate or insulting comments directed towards anyone who posts on this site, for they will be removed.
Copyright of the blogs is all ours. Quotes/ Photos/ Videos from the shows belong to the show runners and networks and will be credited accordingly.

Happy watching!
We dare you to be a #watchernista


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