Hi there & welcome 😀

Watchernista was born out of a passionate love for all kinds of media. This includes “old” and “new” media, movies, books, news, shows… you name it. 

In a lecture about Media Theory we were asked to write blog posts about the theories we were introduced to in order to pass. And we got hooked, like student-shark smelling blood.

So, we wanted to create our own plattform where we could share our love and frustration for our favourite TV-show, books, movies and other random things. Because seriously, we’re way to invested …  Any fan of anything will be able to relate.

Like with series: We get pulled in by enciting stories and characters, played by wonderful actors. Then they lure us in until we cannot help but feel with them, laugh with them, cry with them.

We love it. We hate it. Sometimes we love to hate it or even hate to love it, especially while trying to survive another cliff hanger! – Well, maybe sometimes, … never mind.


We dare you to be a #watchernista