Mirror, mirror… Mindsets of Regina Mills

“I don’t care if there are seven of you” … Actually, there are thirty-something, but who’s counting, right?

Robin of Locksley wasn’t quite wrong, you know, he simply miscalculated the tiniest bit. Lana Parrilla is a goddess of her craft. In six seasons, she has played more than 30(!) different facets, mindsets and versions of Regina aka the Evil Queen.

Meet Regina…

  1. Young Regina, the girl with a heart of gold.
  2. Young Regina in love, the princess who fell in love with the stable boy.
  3. Broken hearted Regina, the girl who lost her one true love.
  4. Queen Regina, the young woman who was trapped in a golden cage, who was forced into a position she never wanted with a man she never wanted.
  5. Student Regina, the woman who studies magic to bring back her one true love.
  6. The dark sorceress, she turns into the first time she rips out a heart.
  7. The Evil Queen, the broken woman consumed by a destructive hunger for vengeance
  8. The hurt child, while striving for her mother’s love, she still curses herself so her mother could never get her hands on any child Regina might have.
  9. The evil mastermind/ manipulator
  10. The seductress
  11. The old hag on the market
  12. The Evil Queen pretending to be Ursula
  13. The Evil Queen pretending to be a commoner named Wilma
  14. “The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen.” – When she realizes she will never be loved by her people and decides to live up to her moniker.
  15. Mayor Mills
  16. The Magic Addict (Season 2)
  17. The Mother – who becomes a better person to be worthy of her son
  18. Regina in transition to Hero Regina (progress during Season 3)
  19. Regina grieving – the loss of her son (Season 3B), growing closer to #Snowing
  20. Regina smitten/ in love (with Robin Hood)
  21. Hero Regina (from the end of Season 3 onwards)
  22. Badass Regina
  23. Sassy Regina (The one liners are to die for!)
  24. Regina fighting not to go back to her former ways (Season 4A)
  25. Regina undercover with the Queens of Darkness
  26. Bandit Regina (Do we really need to name examples here?)
  27. Regina grieving Robin’s demise while fighting her inner darkness (aka trying not to kill Hook)
  28. Hero Regina split from the Evil Queen
  29. The Evil Queen split from Hero Regina
  30. The Evil Queen (split from Regina) mourning Robin (for a moment)
  31. The Evil Queen (split from Regina) pretending to be Regina
  32. Regina (split from her evil half) pretending to be the Evil Queen in the Wish Realm
  33. Regina deciding to be brave by loving herself and the Evil Queen/ her darkness
  34. Hopeful Regina (at the possibility of having her Robin back)
  35. The woman who hates herself more than anyone else in the world
  36. The Evil Queen loving herself
  37. The Evil Queen being smitten with Wish Realm-Robin

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